Latex Chlorination

"Never heard of it - what's that?"

Chlorination is a treatment for your special latex garments. It's the process that gives latex gear a slippery, silicone-like feel, and makes dressing a breeze!

Until recently, wearing catsuits, stockings, tight dresses, gloves and so on needed the wearer to apply messy talcum powder, or else slather their body with lube and then laboriously wrestle skin-tight latex on, then have to re-arrange the fit by partially undressing and sliding things around until they got where you wanted... and if you sweated in the process, a judicious re-application of lube would be needed... curse, profane. For most people this is a tiresome part of wearing latex, and most hazardous for the garments themselves - this is also when your expensive shiny gear is most at risk of damage, by overstretching, catching toes or fingers in the rubber, accidentally tearing a hole while trying to grip parts of the latex. So many catsuits get ruined that way, often on their first or second wear.

Sound familiar? Many of us have lost favourite items exactly like that.

Well now those days can be relegated to the past. Chlorination is the answer! Demask calls it 'Silky Latex' and others are catching on too. OzFetish staff have been treating rubber for well over a decade.

Chlorinated latex slides easily over skin and other latex layers even though it's perfectly dry making things much easier, and much less likely for damage to happen. Your rubber gear can be worn unobtrusively under street clothing without hitching, snapping and squeaking, or smelling strongly of rubber. Although chlorinated latex straight out of the process has a matte appearance (which some people prefer for their play gear, or going for an industrial look) a glass sheen can be restored by us, and then mantained yourself with polish and body heat. Also, an added bonus is better resistance to mould and discolouration, and a 'heavier weight' feeling due to the slight stiffening effect of the newly aligned surface molecules.

"That sounds totally awesome. How can I get mine done?"

Well, we're glad you asked. Silver Pony is now offering a chlorination service to our customers! The process makes a huge difference to your latex, and it's very worthwhile when you consider it will extend the expected life of your gear.

All you have to do is send your latex to us, and we will process it and send it back ready to use!

It will be industrial-looking and matte in appearance (perfect for play gear) unless you ask for the shine restoration treatment which will give your latex a deep lustrous shine (best to show colours and deep blacks) ready to wear out clubbing.


Items to treat should be clean as you can make them and in fairly good repair. We inspect everything before we treat it - we reserve the right not to undertake the chlorination process if we assess the latex to be of a poor quality on in disrepair. (We are able to do minor repairs for nominal cost prior to treatment – we would contact you to advise and get a go-ahead first).

The process involves a very thorough clean of contaminants before treatment, but if your latex arrives with a lot of gunk still on it, like lube, talc and other 'ook', we will charge a cleaning fee for the time, cleaning material and scrubbing needed to strip it all off.

Also, because we are super-clevers, we can even do only do the inside of some garments. It will cost only $10 more for this nifty trick.

We've had quite a few customers now, and they have been very happy with the results. Here's what they had to say.

Interested? Then please fill in the contact form on the right and we will get back to you. Also if you would like us to send you a chlorinated latex sample then we are happy to do so......

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